1. MHFJS8/30 Computerized Jacquard Loom
    2. MHFJS8/30 Computerized Jacquard Loom

      The MHFJS8/30 computerized jacquard machine is a kind of textile machinery for the processing of various types of elastic and non-elastic jacquard fabrics. It features good stability, smooth feeding, easy commissioning and low maintenance frequency. Currently we have 144, 192, 240, 320 and 384 hooks options for it.

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    1. MHZ12/27 Super-High-Speed Shuttleless Needle Loom
    2. MHZ12/27 Super-High-Speed Shuttleless Needle Loom

      Inspired by advanced foreign models, we developed this MHZ12/27 super-high-speed shuttleless needle loom independently. It is our 5th generation of super-high-speed economical type.
      This textile equipment is mainly used to weave round or flat shape of elastic and non-elastic bands, such as cotton belts, label tapes

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    1. MHB800/8B Crochet Machine
    2. MHB800/8B Crochet Machine

      The MHB800/8B crochet machine is a widely used kind of knitting machinery in clothing processing and fabric processing. This well-designed machine can make all kinds of elastic laces with rich, elegant patterns. It applies to elastics, non-elastic belts, masks, bra straps, clothing belts, straps, zippers, and underwear elastics.

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    1. <span class='one'>MHSH-X16 Rope Weaving Machine</span>
    2. MHSH-X16 Rope Weaving Machine

      The MHSH-X16 rope weaving machine combines the advanced foreign technologies with the domestic industrial achievements. It is a high speed knitting machine which will provide you with larger space for output increasing and cost saving.
      This rope braiding machine has many varieties according to different number of spindles, which basically can be divided into plural and singular types.

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    1. <span class='two'>Rice Color Sorter</span>
    2. Rice Color Sorter

      The CCD rice color sorter is a rice sieving machine that adopts CCD sensor and digital processing system. It is widely used in grain processing to ensure consistent rice quality. Different models are available for different throughput needs. This is our recommended series in addition to the crochet machine.

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    1. <span class='two'>Grain Color Sorter</span>
    2. Grain Color Sorter

      The CCD grain color sorter is grain processing equipment that worth mentioning in addition to our computerized jacquard machines. It is used for separating the bad grains from the good ones to offer the best quality grain products. It offers food safety solutions by removing moldy grains and diseased grains.

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    1. <span class='two'>Industrial Color Sorter</span>
    2. Industrial Color Sorter

      The industrial color sorter is an industrial separation machine for sorting various materials. With the capability of identifying subtle flaws in the material, the machine brings unparalleled sorting solutions compared with the ordinary sorters. It features high intelligence, stable performance, wide applications, and high precision.

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    1. <span class='two'>Tea Color Sorter</span>
    2. Tea Color Sorter

      The CCD tea color sorter adopts 2048 pixels high-speed high-resolution linear array CCD image sensor and high-precision cameras. This tea sorting machine can recognize a defect area as tiny as 0.04mm2. It is applicable to various tea screening and tea grading. The color sorter is the other important product line of us in addition to loom machines.

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